Makedonika Marmara SA, is a Greek company that deals with the trade of White Marble Thassos , Kyknos and Volakas and its mainly aim is to provide high quality products at competitive prices.

As a mean to achieve this goal, the company highlights the following principles:

  • Selection of the best quality of the marble
  • Professionalism
  • Consistency in delivery times
  • Reducing the cost of products

 Makedonika Marmara SA, a family ownership company, was founded in 1986  with the initial objective of quarrying and processing marbles. 

Dimitrios V. Toulis, MBA, Chairman of the Board,  took over the business administration and succeeded in extending the company’s activities, especially in the field of global exports, by utilizing up to date machinery and specialized personnel.

Nikos V. Toulis, MBA, General Manager - Marketing Director.

In the following years the company developed further and began investing in quarries.

Currently, under its ownership has three quarries Thassos, Kyknos and Volakas.

Today, with about 30 years of experience and notable activity both in the domestic and the international marketplace, Makedonika Marmara SA can cater to all the needs manufacturing companies can have.

Aerophotos of the factory